The Science of Savonix

Neuropsychologists have known for decades how to accurately assess individuals for cognitive and emotional function.  Yet, more than eighty years after the first such tests were developed, billions of people, worldwide, do not have access to these powerful tools. Savonix lowers the barrier of entry to these methods by digitizing and democratizing access, enabling population health level assessment and utilization of critical cognitive data.


Savonix Mobile™, our 30-minute assessment, delivers psychometrically validated results in multiple domains of cognitive and emotional function at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional clinician administered tests. Built by a team of veteran software developers, and led by former Stanford healthcare professionals, Savonix Mobile is the only mobile, evidence-based, scientifically valid, digital cognitive assessment on the market today.

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Cognitive Domains

Instant Verbal Memory

Short-term learning and memory of language.


Ability to suppress automatic responses to follow one specific direction.

Emotion Identification

Ability to register a range of emotions quickly to understand and empathize with others.

Executive Function

Ability to process and keep track of information to guide reasoning, planning, learning, and comprehension.

Delayed Verbal Memory

Long-term learning and memory of language.

Impulse Control

Ability to resist immediate urges and self-monitor to achieve delayed gratification.

Information Processing

Ability to scan and process information quickly.

Flexible Thinking

Ability to switch attention quickly and smoothly between tasks.


Ability to sustain attention continuously through a task.

Spatial Memory

Ability to remember and reproduce patterns, orientations, and relative sizes of objects.

Working Memory

Ability to temporarily store and manipulate information.

Savonix Mobile Tasks

Below is a sample of the tasks in the application. Each one is scientifically proven and clinically valid.

Find the Path


Discover the hidden path through the grid by tapping on individual tiles in the grid. The task serves to assess how quickly the user learns the route through the maze and their ability to remember that route.


Connect the Dots


Touch numbers or letters in ascending sequence. As each number is touched in the correct order, a line is drawn automatically to connect it to the preceding number or letter in the sequence.

Picture Copy


Memorize a complex figure made of lines and shapes. Then reproduce the figure from memory by drawing lines and dragging shapes on the touchscreen device.



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