Savonix...Patient cognition delivered.

“It's great and went much faster than when I had a psychologist do this test a month and a half ago. And I'm still waiting on those results.” – Savonix User

Jason's Story


Jason took the Savonix Mobile assessment and shared his results with his doctor. The Savonix assessment detected Jason’s below average impulse control, which is the ability to resist immediate urges and self-monitor to achieve delayed gratification. Jason’s doctor used Savonix Mobile results to continue testing that confirmed Jason’s brain-based condition, ADHD. With a tailored treatment plan, Jason has regained confidence with all types of learning. Learn more…

Franklin's Story


Franklin’s doctor was concerned that Franklin needs support at home to keep up with his diabetes care regime. Franklin was skipping  blood sugar tests and forgetting to take his medication. After taking Savonix Mobile, Franklin’s doctor confirmed that with below average working memory and attention scores, Franklin needed at-home nursing visits and regular check-ins by phone. With this added support, Franklin’s diabetes is well-controlled. Learn more…

Julia's Story


Julia had difficulty completing homework assignments and papers required by her Masters program. A Clinical Psychologist interviewed Julia and ordered the Savonix Mobile neurocognitive assessment at their first consultation. Julia took the Savonix test and shared her results with her doctor. Savonix Mobile confirmed that Julia scored above average for many cognitive domains and below average for focus, working memory and executive function. Julia’s doctor administered three additional diagnostic tests in their second interview and within two weeks recommended a treatment plan tailored for Julia. Learn more…

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